Motion control for film and tv in Stockholm  

Camera motion with Kessler cranes equipment in Stockholm.
We have Cinedrive and Second shooter with sliders and cranes and all 
accessories call or email for rent or production. 


Macys commercial regi Andersfilm 

Macys  commercial nov 2020
regi Anders Hallman  

Anders film choose to use cinedrive from moco camera for his commercial for Macys.
The idea was to shoot an 180 degree pan with different speed and focus control.
To be able to use same acters moving through the whole shot. It was sot under two days in an Villa at liding√∂ and we shot did 30 identical pan with 8k red camera.

180 degree pan

Kessler Cinedrive 

I used cinedrive with FiZ motor for this job controlled by computer.Kessler cinedrive is there most avdvanced solution and it met the damands for this 180 degree pan.

Timelapse for suzuki

Timelapse with cinedrive and canon 5d camera .

Timelapse for suzuki 

5d on cinedrive 

Timelapse with Cinedrive 

Cinedrive and Secondshooter is excellent for timelapse and Kos software you can control camera and movements. 





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